martes, 3 de julio de 2007

Breast cancer / Cancer de mama

Mexico - Cancer de mama, originally uploaded by Polycarpio.

Take care allways
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Lady Perséfone dijo...

ok... el agua sin sodio y baja en grasa no la acepto... pero todo el abanico me parece muy bien, sip.. me agrado la ultima opción, no es mi bebdida favorita pero lograste que se me antojara jajaja pero prefiero un capuchino frio con crema batida :)? te late?.. nomás dejame tener lana para comprar rollos (al menos uno) y nos ponemos de acuerdo sale?

Lavenderlady dijo...

How very interesting. How old is this sculture? Regarding your comment on my post for today...I think you are exactly right about what this company does...sort of like what you do.

Anónimo dijo...


My wife had breast cancer ten years ago and then had it again this year. Fortunately she has survived.

Abraham Lincoln
the robins
the Japanese Beetles

Kate dijo...

This is a chilling post. Your warning is well taken, but for a woman, it is nonetheless very frightening. Too many friends lost to breast cancer and too many now struggling with this terrible disease.

Zsolt dijo...

its a very smart old is the sculpture?