domingo, 10 de agosto de 2008

Templo de Loreto

Mexico DF - Templo de Loreto, originally uploaded by Polycarpio.

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alaya dijo...

beautiful carving detail :)

Steve Buser dijo...

There must be a web site somewhere that explains what all those symbols mean.

Polycarpio dijo...

Yes, you are right.

Templo (Iglesia) de Loreto
Loreto y Rodríguez Puebla.
Colonia Centro.
Mexico City.

This church is located in one of the most popular sections of the old historic center, in a plaza bearing the same name.

Constructed between 1806 and 1819, its Baroque structure and Neo-Classical design, make it one of the most beautiful structures of its kind in Mexico City.

The dome that embellishes the top of this plainly decorated building is particularly remarkable.

The crossbeam it rests on occupies the whole interior of the church, lighting it up far better than the darker vestibule.

The altars are beneath the arches that support the dome itself.

Mexico Daily Photo.